Breakfast: the ideal flavour for a good morning

Breakfast is served every morning, from 7.30 to 10.00, a buffet of flavours in international style.
You can choose the ingredients for your perfect breakfast and it will be served to you at the table.
While you check what’s happening on social media, flick through a newspaper or simply enjoy a chat, you can savour fragrant baked delights such as filled croissants, fresh pastry specialities, pancakes with nutella, jam, omelettes and lots more.
And if you prefer savoury flavours you will be spoilt for choice with fresh sliced meats, fried or scrambled eggs and a wide range of tasty cheeses.
If you have any special dietary requirements, such as allergies and intolerances, just let us know.

What a wonderful smell!

The aroma of croissants… if I close my eyes I can still smell it. A breakfast fit for a king, setting you up for a day of sun and sea. Thank you!
3 September 2018

What a wonderful smell! Hotel Garni San Carlo

The ultimate start to the day

I step into the breakfast room: excellent produce, freshly prepared dishes and Signora Lidia, who has always made this delicious moment even more enjoyable.
24 August 2018

The ultimate start to the day Hotel Garni San Carlo